Southwest Louisiana Band Directors' Association

SLBDA District Middle School Honor Band Auditions

NOVEMBER 9 and 10, 2018

WHERE:    Broussard Middle School


ELIGIBILTY:    All band students currently enrolled in their third or fourth year of band are eligible to audition.  Two bands will be formed from these auditions.  Students MUST be a member of their school band in order to participate.  Directors must be a member of SLBDA.


1.  Bb, Eb, Ab, F, C, and G Concert Scales-Play exactly as written on the scale sheets.  All scales should be played at a minimum tempo of 108 beats per minute.  ALL SCALES MUST BE MEMORIZED.

2. Chromatic scales- The range is given on the scale sheet.  Chromatic scales should be played in eighth notes at a minimum tempo of 108 beats per minute.  CHROMATIC SCALES MUST BE MEMORIZED.
3.  Prepared Music-Two short excerpts are included for each instrument. 


A student can try out on more than one instrument provided that the prepared music is different.


 ALL PERCUSSIONISTS will perform ONE AUDITION with TWO SEPARATE PORTIONS.  A snare portion which includes rudiments and a prepared snare piece AND a melodic portion which includes scales and a prepared melodic piece.  All rudiments and scales should be played at a steady tempo of 108 beats per minute AND MUST BE MEMORIZED.  A snare drum, bell and xylophone set will be provided in the audition room. Students are required to use instruments provided.  All students are expected to bring their own drumsticks.

Friday, November 9th (after-school) is an option for students to audition if they cannot make the Saturday audition.  This Friday time is also necessary to help ease the Saturday load for Trumpet, Flute, and Clarinet sections.

SIGHT-READING:  Sight-reading will consist of two short excerpts in the following meters:

                                         2017-18 = 4/4 and 6/8 in 2

                                         2018-19 = 4/4 and Cut-time